A promise of beautiful views and touristy city center – The Underrated City of Villach

A promise of beautiful views and touristy city center – The Underrated City of Villach

I would have never known about Villach if I didn’t choose a cheaper bus option from Salzburg to Bled. With 5 hours in hand before my bus to Bled, I decided to explore the city rather than waiting at the bus station.

The beautiful city of Villach in Austria
A tip before that: You can drop your luggage in lockers at bus stops and train stations in European cities while you explore the place during long halts.
I was a little tired because of the early morning bus but yet I chose to walk around the city unaware of how beautiful the experience could be. Main priority after getting down the bus was to find a restroom. The restroom at the bus station was a paid one, so I decided to find a good coffee place where I can pee as well. (Too much information I guess!) Anyhow, the moment I walked outside the station, I was stun bound and amazed at the beauty of the city. I was glad to get a bonus stop before my next bus.

Just a walking distance from the stop was the main city center, adorned with colorful buildings and flags. The city center was a little touristy, but as you walked through the narrow alleys across the main street, you’ll see many local people just sitting and chilling in tiny cafes.

After having my coffee, I decided to explore a little bit since I still had time. And that’s when I found those hidden streets and pathways that I mentioned above – quiet and undisturbed.

After walking a little further into the city, I traced back my steps to the bridge that led to the city center from the station. It also got sunny by this time, so I decided to walk by Drau river and enjoy the stillness of waters, soak myself in the sun and immerse in nature. I still remember that feeling – It seemed like a never-ending trail with gorgeous views stretched as far as the eyes could go. With every step I took, it just felt like I was walking into a different world altogether- a world of peace and tranquility. I think that’s what the beauty of nature does to you. I decided to walk a little further up till a bridge before returning. Had I not had a bus in the next few hours, I am sure I would have kept walking till there was a dead-end. The views were just so captivating!! On my way back, I decided to walk through the city and not by the river to get a little more close to its soul. I had to try very hard to resist my temptation to continue walking straight and not turn back – No words or pictures can do justice to the beauty of the place. Villach you beauty of Austria And just like that, it was time for my bus, but I was so glad that I had this mini stop in between. I was just so refreshed and full of life now.

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