How to manage to travel while working full time? Tips from my own experience – 7 new cities in 7 months

How to manage to travel while working full time? Tips from my own experience – 7 new cities in 7 months
“I wish I could travel as much as I wanted.”
“You are not working full-time, so it’s easy for you to travel so often.”
“I don’t have time to travel. There’s just so much work that I need to finish.”

These are a few common statements that I hear from so many people I know who wish to travel but don’t because of some or the other reasons.

While it’s completely okay not traveling frequently, but it is not okay wishing for something, but giving reasons for not being able to do it.
The best part about traveling is, it is not rocket science that a selected few can only do it. It is easy and solely depends on the traveler how they want to create their travel experience.

I have always been an avid traveler. But my frequent travels started early this year only when I was still working as a full-time software engineer. I too had to complete projects, and meet deadlines. But then instead of working on piled up tasks on weekends, I started investing my time either in traveling to new places or planning for them.

Traveling happily in Leavenworth, USA

So the simple answer to, “Is it possible to travel frequently while still continuing to work full-time?” is “yes, it is possible.”. But the answer to how you can do that can sometimes be overwhelming.

With this post, I’ll try and help break some myths about travel and share a few tips from my personal experience on how you can manage to travel more often without leaving your jobs.

Take A break from work Take a little break! Although I travel quite often now, there used to be times when I waited for the right time or the right place, or the right people to go on a vacation.
And I am sure a lot of you would have similar thoughts before you start making any travel plans. But let me explain to you how you can resolve these unnecessary doubts of your mind.

There is no right time for going out and refreshing yourself!

Like any other important work, traveling needs to be a priority in your life if you enjoy it. It doesn’t mean going out on an extravagant or a lavish holiday. Just a day out from your regular work and home life is sufficient to explore a new place.
You do not even need a whole day for that. A few hours exploring your own city or neighborhood will freshen your mind. Not only that, it’ll add a lot to your experience and you’ll be all set to take the challenges of life.
Fly high freedom Planned at 3pm, left at 4pm same day!

You can choose any place to explore and indulge in

It can be as small as your neighborhood or as big as a new country or a continent, doesn’t really matter as long as you are liking it.
Starting small is always helpful because it slowly makes you more comfortable with the change. You start to learn little things about yourself which adds to your travel experience and personality as a whole. Travel to woods Travel to woods

What’s better than being in your own company!

While a good company is always an added positive for a great travel experience, but no company or an average company should not stop you from exploring places. Soak yourself in the destination, and you’ll find solace in just being by yourself.

Travel alone is a bliss

What I usually did and follow now as well

I decide a time in mind, do not do a lot of calculations, decide a place, do not do a lot of research and book my tickets. Once that is done, if I am not too much inclined on going on a solo trip, I ask my friends if they want to accompany me. If they agree, voila! I have a great company and if not, what’s better than your own company.
I love traveling alone because it helps me focus on myself and my thoughts without any kind of outside disturbances. It does not mean I don’t like going out with my friends. Those kind of trips are full of laughter, and I come back more rejuvenated than I imagine of. Traveling with friends Traveling with crazies!

When I first started traveling frequently, I was in the US working as a Software Engineer. I used to combine the weekend with an additional Friday or Monday if possible and traveled to a new place every month.

I was able to explore places, including San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Victoria (in Canada), Denver, Vancouver (in Canada) in a span of 7 months along with other small day trips.

Solo trip to San Francisco My first ever self-motivated solo trip

Benefits of traveling often

Before ending the post, I’ll discuss a few benefits of traveling that I believe in and have experienced myself.
Traveling is a break from the hustle bustle of daily life, boredom at home, weekend shopping, and dining. I come back home fresh and full of new energy. My thoughts become more clear and creative. My outlook on life has improved so much. I meet people from all around the world, and I understand more about the cultures and lives of people in other parts of the world than I did before.
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