Traveling to Salzburg – Free things to do in the city

Traveling to Salzburg – Free things to do in the city

Salzburg – a heaven on earth.

Salzburg is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart and for the filming of the movie, Sound of Music, but there’s so much more than that, that you can see and do for free in the city.
Having spent 3 days in Munich, one of the expensive cities, I was a little reluctant to spend more immediately and wanted to keep my budget in check.

So, when I was drafting out a rough itinerary, I decided between places or experiences that I really wanted to have and the ones that I was okay to miss and spend less.

Travel experience is all about the choices you make!!

Stay at YoHo Hostel

Just a 10-minute walk from the train station, YoHo International was a good budget hostel with clean and comfortable rooms. It had a complimentary bread, butter and jam breakfast with an option to upgrade to a full-fledged breakfast buffet. The staff was also very accommodating and readily gave amazing travel tips for touring the city.

PS: You get a free welcome shot of Apfelstrudel!

Apfelstrudel shot in YoHo Hostel, Salzburg, Austria Apfelstrudel shot

Day 1

Visit an Alpine Salt Mine

Interestingly Salzburg means, Salt Fortress, and it has been the center of salt extraction for thousands of years. You can visit the salt mine at any of these three places surrounding the city – Hallein, Hallstatt, and Alatausee. The experience will be very similar in all of these places as the tours are organized by a single company.

I went to the mine at Hallein – it was a pretty fun experience, learning about the history of the salt mining business in the city.

Before the tour started, we were given overalls to wear to avoid soiling our own clothes. After that, we rode on a mine train that took us across the Austria-Germany border under the Alps. This was followed by a slide down deeper, under the ground. The tour ended with a boat ride across the briny water lake.

In addition to all these rides, you can also be more experimental, and actually taste the water inside the caves. And if you are lucky enough, you can also get a salt crystal from the mine to take home as a personalized memento.

Depending on the mine you chose to visit, you can plan to accommodate touring the nearby areas as well. At Hallein, you can also visit the Celtic village located right next to the salt mine and get an experience of the old Celtic times.

Tour Hohensalzburg Fortress and the surrounding gardens

I am a sunset lover and what better way to watch the sun go down – magnificent city views and the picturesque Alps in the background.
You can either hike up or take a funicular to reach the fortress. I preferred walking, and I swear the views kept getting better as I climbed up.

If you continue to walk straight towards Mönchsberg and not turn towards the fortress, you’ll reach the gardens.

Now there are two reasons to go to gardens first and watch the sunset from there, one, it is far less crowded than the fortress, and the views are definitely unbeatable, second, you get a free entry inside the fortress after 7:00 pm(so if you want to save on some money!!).

Enjoy open-air Opera performance on a big screen

I was lucky enough to be in the city during the Siemens fest. The fest runs for 5 weeks (from July-August), during which the selected concerts and opera productions are shown on a big screen in Kapitelplatz. So just reach before the screening starts and grab a seat for yourself.

opera screening in Salzburg Austria

Day 2

Walk around Old Town Salzburg

Take the Love Lock bridge to go across the Salzach river and to the city center. Spend some time roaming around the streets, and see places including, Mozart’s birthplace, old market square, Salzburg Cathedral, and Kapitelplatz (with a giant chess board placed on the road).

Visit Mirabell Palace and it’s gardens – FREE Tour

Fun fact – A few clips of the “Do, Re, Mi” song from the movie Sound of Music are shot in the Mirabell Gardens.

I was not able to roam around the Mirabell gardens because it was raining outside, but I have read great things about it – the statues, fountains, and the landscaping that is done.

In your urge to relax in the gardens, do not forget to tour the Mirabell Palace. A grand palace with baroque architecture and angel statues adorning the 3-level staircase. You can also take a look inside the Marble Hall which is now used for weddings.

As you continue to explore the city

  • Dine in cozy cafes of Salzburg!!
  • Visit the weekly local market held every Thursday right opposite Mirabell Palace

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