Who needs pampering when you can pamper yourself

Who needs pampering when you can pamper yourself
July 22, 2016 This morning when I woke up, I scrolled through the messages on my phone. Hurrayy!!, my account has been credited with this month’s salary. I had already become broke because I squandered all of my last month’s salary, the value of which you realize in the last few days of the month when you really want to buy something but your bank balance doesn’t allow.
I completed my normal routine morning tasks and opened up my laptop to check on the latest social media sites’ updates. While I was doing that, it came to my mind, why not buy dumbbells. It is really awesome imagining yourself doing early morning exercises(aerobics more specifically). The first thing I did was to clear up all the payments required(rent and other charges), and continued to look for more online shopping items to appease myself. Didn’t shop though, going through the items was refreshing enough 😉
Since last night, I was pruritic to have a chocolate. There was a message on my phone from some grocery shopping app saying they’ll give us an extra chocolate hamper with every order on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. There is never a time when you cannot do some grocery shopping. So yes, I did and got myself some handful of chocolates which were good enough to make me all joyous.
It is very easy to find happiness and satisfaction in little things, like making up your bed, cooking your favorite food, dancing to your favorite music, taking good care of your body and alike that can help you to have a beautiful and contented life!!

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