A Narrow Escape

A Narrow Escape

Some place in Gurgaon, India

Gurgaon being a place where you do not generally get a house without a broker involved, you are almost always accompanied by an agent(broker) for visiting the flats. So there I was traveling with one such broker for house hunting on the evening of 15 December 2016. We had already seen 2 houses and when we were about to leave for the next place, this person parked his car outside a society and went to pee. I wonder if it was not so common for guys to pee publicly, how would they have survived. So anyways I was already perplexed at his action of leaving someone in dark in his car and go for peeing😑. I got more concerned when he took more than the normal expected time while I kept waiting for him to get done with whatever he went to do.

So many thoughts. What to do?

1) It is ok. He must have really needed to pee
2) Should I leave and run, maybe he is onto something
3) It is too dark for another 1km, will I be able to manage??
4) Ways of saving myself from different things that could have happened

While I was lost in my thoughts, I opened my bag’s zip and got hold of pepper spray that I always carry around (Just in case there is an emergency). The broker came back from a 5-minute pee and then we started off for the next flat. So there I was sitting in the front seat with seat belt on and just thinking.. thinking.. thinking…

What actually happened

There was a mild traffic jam where he had to stop the car momentarily. It is then when I realized there was something fishy going on the seat next to me. I didn’t turn my head completely towards him, but looking from the corner of my eye I was sure this person was masturbating. That was one of the creepiest and scariest moments. So now I knew what this guy was doing but didn’t want him to know that I knew. There was a sudden rush of ideas that crossed my mind in those 4-5 secs. Since I had put on seat belt, getting out of the car would take some time and taking out pepper spray and spraying it on that person could backfire, what if I fail to spray it at the right time and in the right way.

What now?

Since we were stuck in jam, I took a quick decision, took off the belt, opened the door and started running as fast as I could.
And I am glad I was able to understand what was happening beside me and
save myself from what could have been a nightmare.

Lesson Learnt

One thing that I realized at that moment was that sex education is really really important. It won’t just promote safe sex but will also help little girls who fail to make sense of what is happening near them, around them maybe be to them.
So as a parent, friend, sister, brother or any other relationship, help younger ones know about what sex is, what masturbation is and teach them ways to help themselves when required. Make them comfortable so that they are able to share what might be happening with them with ease and without any shame or guilt, because when everyone starts standing up for the right thing, then only we can progress as a society 🙂

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