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Desperate Times Desperate Measures

Desperate Times Desperate Measures

So I found this coupon through an app where I was getting salon services for 1/3rd of the actual price. Very excitedly I bought the coupon at once and went to the salon the next day. When I was done and making the payment to the manager, he started telling me about all other deals available. I was pretty curious to know about these deals and continued asking him questions on till when will the deal be on, etc. It is then when he told me about the status of his salon. He told me, โ€œWe are not getting enough customers and that is why we are providing so many deals. It would be great if you refer your friends as wellโ€.

At that moment I realized, it was not one of the many regular schemes that the salon owner started to impress and attract customers, it was just something he felt was required at the moment to keep the salon going. Now from the looks of the place, one would never know that it is going into a loss, but it is hard to judge the actual situation from outer appearances I guess.

This person had to provide the services at such a low price because he needed some customers and some money to continue in the race. As they say, nothing comes free of cost and if it does there must be a reason behind it ๐Ÿ™‚

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