Top Things to Do in Munich – 3 day itinerary

Top Things to Do in Munich – 3 day itinerary
Munich is one of the larger cities of Germany with people from everywhere. Being an important part of Germany, it was a central place during the Nazi time and has a lot of history associated with it. The city also boasts of beautiful gardens and old and intricate architecture and buildings. Often referred to as the beer capital, Munich is famous for its annual beer festival, Oktoberfest where herds of people come from around the world to indulge in the city’s beer culture. Let’s get into the details on how you can have the best of time in this city. Streets of Munich, Germany

Where to stay?

Munich is no doubt an expensive big city so staying within my budget was a task in itself. I chose to stay at Wombat’s City hostel.  It had a good rating and the price per bed was also at par with the other hostel options. When I reached my hostel, I was pleasantly amazed by its central location. With a cordial staff at service and a comfortable room and other common areas, it was just a perfect stay. PS: Breakfast at Wombats is every penny worth – huge variety and great taste!

Day 1

Walk around Old Munich

Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz

I chose to walk from my hostel to Marienplatz and on my way, I crossed many significant buildings of Munich. I spent a lot of time clicking pictures of the marvelous architecture that adorned these buildings. Marienplatz is a prime tourist attraction since there are numerous showrooms and historic points of interest in its vicinity. You can spend time shopping or immerse yourself in the historic richness of the square. A few blocks from Marienplatz is Odeonsplatz which is another historical location of the city. If you are in Munich during winters, stop at San Francisco Coffee Company for a quick break from the cold outside. California coffee, Marienplatz, munich, Germany

Relax in the Gardens of Nymphenburg Palace

Apart from its much-talked museum, Nymphenburg Palace is also adorned by an extensive picturesque garden with numerous lakes flowing through it. There are also beautiful sculptures spread throughout the garden that will take you back into the Roman times.

Gardens of Nymphenburg Palace

Statues in the gardens of Nymphenburg Palace

Watch the sunset from the hills of Olympiapark

Olympiapark is a huge stadium that was built for the summer Olympics of 1972. Many events are held all the year around in the stadium. Climb to one of the higher hills and enjoy the sunset and city views from there. You can also go up the Olympia Tower to get even better views of the city – It is paid though.

Day 2

Indulge yourself in the country’s art and history

PS: All the museums in the city are closed on Monday

Visit the Jewish Museum

The museum was closed, so I spent some time reading the informational lines (more of a conversation) related to Jews on its all four sides. An interesting read! I went to Alte Pinakothek after that. But it was closed as well, so I just took a nap in the surrounding park.
LOCAL PRO TIP: Enjoy a cup of coffee with a good city view at Café im Vorhoelzer Forum, inside the Technical University.

Visit Dachau – Concentration Camp, or Gardens or both

Dachau is a small city just outside of Munich.  It is famous for the concentration camp where many Jews and political prisoners were held captive during the Nazi rule. You can also visit the Dachau Palace and Gardens, another great place to just sit and relax amid the beautiful nature. It not only boasts about the amazing views of the peaceful city, but you can also look at the Alps on a clear day.

Love Indian Food?

The Royal India Restaurant is a must go. Delicious rich Indian food and that too in good budget ~10-12 euro per person. My German friends loved this restaurant! Indian Food in Germany

Day 3

Visit any other museum of interest

I went to NS- Dokumentarizm because I was interested in knowing more about the history of the city and the country. A lot of information in one place – perfect for enthusiastic readers of history. NS-Dokumentarizm Museum, Munich, Germany

Chill at a Beer Garden

A must have experience.

Beer gardens are large outdoor gardens with seating space and beer and food stalls – something like an open restaurant. People often go to the beer gardens to hang out with their friends and families. While it is okay for you to carry your own food, it is considered polite (and generally followed) to buy beer and other drinks from the stalls.
If you are in the city at the time of Oktoberfest – the largest beer festival that happens every year in Munich, make sure to be a part of it!

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